24 Pack – Core Beers


Choose your favorite brews from our core beers and get it at your home!
Please select 4 items from our 12 oz 6 packs.

Dorada Pampeana | Blonde Ale

Soft, balanced and refreshing, with an amazingly high drinkability. A traditional beer style from Argentina with a subtle citrus fruitiness.

6 Pack - 12oz

La Colorada | Amber Lager

Inspired by Czech Republic’s Amber Lagers, this beer is smooth, malt-focused, very easy drinking, with a subtle caramelly note.

6 Pack - 12oz

D10S | Mexican Lager

Exceptionally soft, balanced and super refreshing. The ideal beer for hot days.

6 Pack - 12oz

APA | American Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale has the perfect balance between malts and the best American hops. High drinkability and moderate bitterness.

6 Pack - 12oz

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