24 Pack – Seasonal Beers


Choose your favorite brew from our seasonal beers and get it at your home!
Seasonal beers have limited stock! Brews available can vary every week according to new releases.
Please select 6 items from our 16 oz 4 packs.

Nelson | Hazy IPA

Amazingly tropical character contributed by a mix of American and New World hops. A cloudy beer, with moderate bitterness, high body and silkiness from grains (barley, oats and wheat). The star of the Craft scene. Hops: Nelson Citra & Bravo. Double Dry Hopped.

ABV: 7%

4 Pack - 16oz

Fruit Party | Smoothie Series Nº9

You know we’re always down for a fruit party! Our Smoothie Series Nº 9 is here and we’re taking things up to another level with: orange, peach, pineapple, banana, strawberry, sweet cherry, lime, apple & kiwi! Did we mention that it’s a party?! Because YOU are invited!

ABV: 5%

4 Pack - 16oz

Temporarily unavailable

Aloha | Smoothie Series Nº6

Aloha to our newest smoothie style sour ale! This blend of pineapple, mint and ginger will definitely make you feel like you’re in a resort soaking up the sun. With every sip you take, close your eyes… we promise this beer will take you there.

ABV: 5%

4 Pack - 16oz

Tiki | Smoothie Style

It’s Tiki Time! We’re coming in torching’ hot with blueberry, blackberry, banana, coconut and pomegranate. Prepare for an explosion of flflavors until the very last drop. This one’s definitely truly going to make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Temporarily unavailable


This smoothie sour ale was brewed with tangerine and guava. Just like we believe that there’s no Batman without a Robin… the perfect balance can only be achieved with a little sweet and sour to the mix. What you get inside of this can is pure magic and the greatest duo of all time. You’ll see…

Temporarily unavailable



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